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Providing access to Education, Support, & Funding for those advancing a more symbiotic relationship with Death and Dying.

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                  The End                      Companion Care

The End Companion Care Cremations & Funerals 

Offering true compassionate service in harmony with Nature for our Pets. We provide mobile and modern service, compassionate care, and the most modern and eco conscious offerings.

Opening in Pacific County, Washington 

The End has dreams to establish the first Not for Profit Funeral Home and Conservation Burial Park in the United States... for People and Pets.  What we hope is the first of many to sprout up across the country with guidance, nurturing, and support.  

Phase one has been initiated with Pet Green Cremation Care, January 2023.

The End was created to serve a need for compassionate and sustainable funerary care for People and their Pets. The name The End was chosen to signify the closing chapter of a life, as we are chosen to turn this final page with you and your family and take this responsibility on with the greatest compassion.